Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Wee Bit of Knitting

With the garden finally winding down* I'm finally getting to knit a little more in the evening. I even had thought I might thread the warp that's been on my loom since, I don't know, March? I'm not really holding my breath.

I have the bright purple for the DoN baby sweater. I had planned on waiting to post a picture until I'd finished a full repeat, but I'm not going to. Wait, that is.

Baby Sweater

I did a swatch like the last one, but didn't bother to take a picture since I pretty much knew which way to go. I did ask Len whether he preferred the purple petals, or the blue. I could see the wheels in his mind turning, "do I tell her she's a damn fool for asking ME? or do I tell her I like the purple best?" He liked the purple best. He's nice that way.

Thank you, Valerie, for the very informative article. It seems the best way to set pokeberry dye is using a 56% solution of acetic acid. Which, according to my father, is used as a stop bath when developing pictures. Unfortunately, that bit of information doesn't make the stuff any easier to find. Yes, yes, chemical supply store, I know.

* Sort of. I was horrified to discover more flowers on the purple bean plants. Plants which looked dead before the frost.

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