Thursday, September 06, 2007

Obnoxious Flower Sweater

I haven't gotten much knitting done in the last few weeks, but I did finish the Obnoxious Flower Sweater.

Obnoxiously long sleeves

Sigh. Too big and floppy. And the sleeves are clearly for someone much longer limbed than I.

Too Long!

Nice pajama pants though!

Buttons helped the floppiness a little. But the sleeves? I took drastic measures. I did something that strikes fear into the hearts of even non-knitters.

I took a pair of scissors to them.

It's true. And I didn't think twice about it either. I took out the seam all the way to the armpit, cut the cuff off the first sleeve and started to unravel. Or at least I tried to -- it turns out, if you knit from the top down, unraveling from the bottom doesn't work very well (it works even less well if you are babysitting year old twins. Maybe that's just me.) Since I am not hurting for yarn, I cut the next sleeve much closer to where I wanted to start knitting down. I wanted to reknit most of the sleeves, rather than just chop it off and redo the cuff, because I needed to end up with the same number of stitches as originally planned.

Sleeve Remnant

I suppose I should have been more pissed off about having to reknit most of the sleeves, but I was much too tired. I might have been more freaked out about the cutting, but having plenty of yarn cushioned that blow.

Obnoxious Flower Sweater

Ugh. What an awful picture! But the sleeves are much better.

Len would like you to know that this sweater is, "1974 Chevy Vega Tennis Ball Green. Maybe a little brighter." He thinks someone will know what he is talking about, and despite my appreciation of lovely old cars, I don't. Besides there isn't anything lovely about a 1974 Vega (I believe the color he refers to is the third car).

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Keith said...

Yeah, baby... 1974 Chevy Vega Tennis Ball Green it is indeed (and I remember it well ;-)