Monday, October 01, 2007

What Would You Do?

My boss (actually, my boss' boss) lent me a book a few weeks ago. She thought I would enjoy it because it's central theme is knitting. She's asked me about it a few times, and the book finally floated to the top of my pile. I'm not going to say what the book is (suffice it to say it is a novel) because it is complete dreck. Stupid story, badly drawn characters, clichéd, and very poorly written. I hate it. And I'm only about 20 pages in.

The issue I am having doesn't have to do with office politics, she's leaving in a few months. I find it kind of sweet that she thought of me when she read the book. I don't mind lying a little, something along the lines of, "not for me, but the knitting was sweet" (the knitting is dumb). My question is, do I have to finish the book? What if she asks me a question? What would you do?


In the meantime, I'm drowning in hot peppers. The cayenne plants gave up completely, so the peppers didn't have enough energy to turn red. I picked them all on Sunday, they will all be strung up and dried. I've probably picked three pounds of habeñeros, I have put them in salsa, dried them, frozen them and will put some into habeñero jelly, but I am running out of ideas. My sister, Krista, will be getting most of them, but I don't think even she will be able to use all of this bounty. I could sell them to the pepper spray industry, I suppose.


Stef said...

It's an uncomfortable situation, but I think I'd probably just be honest, thank her for the book loan, and tell her that you weren't crazy about the book.

In fact, I recommend that you give yourself permission to cease reading the book immediately. You don't need to spend your precious time reading a book you don't like (you could be knitting instead). That's my two cents worth!

Anonymous said...

I read books given me, maybe because the person was thinking of me, and maybe because I read lots of stuff anyway and what is one more bad book. I can always feel superior. If you really hate it read enuf to make a comment or two at random. and call it quits.

bspinner said...

I agree with stef. Give your self permission to cease reading the book. Give it back telling her you're to busy to finish it.
We are not all execpted to like the same type of reading so why waste your time on something you don't want to read?