Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Some knitting

Honestly, not a lot of knitting is getting done. I've mainly been working in the yard, pulling garlic mustard, and planting flowers and herbs. Len finished the fence around the vegetable garden, so yesterday I took a half day and spent 5 hours turning over the dirt and planting. I'm a lot less sore than I thought I would be (even the blister I have is under a callous, so doesn't bother me much). I still need to put in tomato plants.

During the week of rain and 40 to 50 degree temperatures, I managed to finish Storm:
Do you like the buttons? Me too. Sadly, I have a set of buttons which would work nicely for this, but I have only 6 and I need 7. Nope. I didn't think about that when I was planning my button bands. Oh well. Trip to the yarn shop. Darn.

A couple of weeks ago, Eyeknit from Two Sharp Sticks pointed out some sock patterns she was considering for vacation knitting, which reminded me of a couple of sources of sock patterns I'd forgotten. Len and I were going to be spending a lot of Mother's Day at his parents, and what better way to avoid playing cards than starting a slightly complicated knitting project? So I stole her Waving Laces idea from IK Knits:
The yarn is Louet Gems (I think), and there isn't much to see. I got the scalloped cuff done on Mother's Day and then it was put aside to finish Storm. Despite how small it looks, there are purl stitches buried in there and the sock stretches out quite a bit. I'm a little concerned with how much it stretches, and may end up ripping it out and going down to 0's (I'm on 1's now).
Len's socks are almost done. A couple more carpooling days and he should have another pair for...Fall. Whatever.

If I get a break from outside work, I'll start pulling out summer projects and see what I have. I have vague memories of unfinished t-shirt (of the Rowan variety), a cotton cardigan with a big intarsia flower on it (almost as obnoxious as it sounds), and Daffodil (which I think I haven't touched since February).

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eyeknit said...

Hey! Your Waving Lace sock cuff looks lovely! The pretty cuff is one reason that I really want to make this pattern.