Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Knitting Agenda

See, I'm making up for not posting in a few days (and then only whining).

Now that I've finished the sweater and scarf, my knitting line-up has changed. Here are the major projects I'm working on right now (any and all of these are subject to abandonment at any time). I'm just posting little pictures because they are really crummy.

This is a scarf I'm making for my Mom. This is proof of how much I love her: I don't like knitting scarves, and I despise intarsia (the squares). The yarn is some kind of baby alpaca (if I were a better person, I would have remember to bring the label and tell you what kind exactly). I thought random squares would be more interesting to knit (and to look at) than stripes, so there you are. Squares. A note on the needles: they were my grandmother's. I don't think she ever used them (unless she put them back in the package (possible with Brittanys). Actually, they are the best Brittanys I have, the tips are sharper than any others I've had.

This is the very beginning of a cardigan called Storm. Why is it called Storm? I don't know, it's from Rowan, the names for their patterns are generated randomly, I think. I can't find the book the pattern is in (again, bad blogger), but the yarn is Jo Sharp DK wool, Maple. I don't know how I feel about the color (which you can barely see), sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate, but the yarn was half off, so it had to be bought.

Socks for Len. The color on this picture is really bad: they are not this bright, and are much more green.

And finally, we have a very crumpled up, sad looking Daffodil. This gets knitted on when I need something to keep my mind occupied; also, because it is cotton, when Len gets the temperature in the house over 75 degrees (due to the vageries of our wood burning stove). I'm pretty sure I'll be knitting on this until I am 80.

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Mom said...

My scarf is beautiful!! I love the color and anticipated randomness of the squares. I am fortunate to have a daughter who loves me enough to knit a dreaded scarf for me! Thank you. Beyond your creativity, your ability to articulate your thoughts and feelings gives me much pride and often makes me laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time.