Friday, May 19, 2006

Vegetable Garden

This is another blank slate, though I am less intimidated. We doubled the size of last year's garden and now have a fairly substantially sized plot (maybe 30' x 20'?) I shouldn't say "we" doubled the size of the plot, Len did. I worry that it won't be big enough. Then I look at all the plants and seeds I have and wonder if it will all fit.

The top plants are tomatoes I managed to grow from seeds. Some are from a crop of heirloom tomatoes I had last year, others are from a packet of heirlooms. Had I been more intelligent, I would have labelled them; it will be obvious once the tomatoes show up, since they are cherry, yellow, large red and something else, but for now I have no idea. The picture on the bottom are basil plants from seeds. I failed miserably at starting seeds last year, so I am very pleased these are growing.
This is Len's baby. If it had a drink holder, it would be perfect. Maybe an engine rebuild too, but we'll try not to be picky.
And here is a hill of weeds, garlic mustard mostly. This makes me want to rip out my hair.

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