Friday, May 26, 2006

I've been thinking for a few months now that in order for me to really improve as a knitter, I need to design and knit my own sweater. I don't think I need to become a designer, but I think designing at least a few sweaters would teach me a lot about how to evaluate an existing pattern: will it fit the way I want it to? Can I change it so that it will? Can I drastically change the gauge (i.e. from chunky to sport weight) and how would that work? Etc.

The thing is, though, I'm kind of the equivalent of a knitting cover band. I have no problem knitting other people's designs, but cannot conjure up a vision of my own. It's kind of the same problem that plagues me in the flower garden: I see other gardens that I like, but can't picture what will work in my specific space. So I have been a bit at a loss.

Until today.
Isn't that the coolest sweater*? It's so Art Deco. Definitely has to be a finer weight than DK (5.5 st. to the inch), and a different color. Maybe a touch longer? I know that there is a Rowan or Jaeger baby sweater with smocking similar to this, so I wouldn't necessarily have to make up the stitch pattern. I think it would have to be an unmercerized cotton for wearing next to the skin, and nothing shiny to take attention away from the lines. Yep. This is the sweater I will start with ('cos why start with something, you know, easy? What would be the point?)

*These days Faye has been hitting the plastic surgery pretty hard, but dude, she was a stunner!

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