Tuesday, May 16, 2006

1. I. Am. So. Sick. Of. Rain. Seven days? Too much.

2. Paul Simon just released a new album, Surprise. The surprise, to me anyway, was that Brian Eno* provided "sonic landscape" (not produced, mind you, "sonic landscape"). This is not the Here Come the Warm Jets Eno (I can hardly imagine what that collaboration would sound like) or even the Before and After Science Eno. His contribution seems to be along the lines of Music for Airports (or at least what I imagine that to be, since I haven't actually heard it). He creates kind of a landscape against which Simon does his own thing. I haven't delved very far into the album yet, but I can say that, as usual, his lyrics are most excellent.

3. I did finish The Kid by Dan Savage. I'm happy to report, he did not screw up the ending (I didn't really think he would), though it was a bit mushy. His style is pretty casual, which can sometimes be a little irritating, but it's such a funny book, sticking with it wasn't an issue. What I appreciated the most about his story is how honest Savage is, especially about why he wanted to have kids in the first place and why he and Terry chose the route they did (open adoption).

4. I've finished the knitting for Storm. I ended up having to re-knit the raglan part of the back, since it was quite a lot longer than the rest of the pieces. I sewed it up this weekend and am now working on buttonbands. This will be the first adult sized sweater that I will have finished in one season.

5. In lieu of knitting photos, I give you pre-sweaters:
I see these guys most days on my way home from work (they are somewhere else in morning). You can't see them, but there are lambs in there as well. This is one of the reasons I don't mind my commute.

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