Friday, June 02, 2006

Summer Knitting

I tend not to knit wool in the Summer -- I just hate how it feels in my sweaty hands. We have central air in our house, but it doesn't work very well and, let's face it, Len and I are both much too cheap to run it all that often. I suppose one could ascribe somewhat more saintly motivations -- i.e., we don't like to waste the earth's resources on our comfort, which is true, but really just happens to fit in with our being cheap. At least as far as electricity goes.

When the temperature rises above 70 degrees, I turn to cotton. And I happen to have a few summer projects desperate to see the light of needles:

1. Daffodil. I actually only started this last summer, but I have high hopes of finishing this summer. Hah! Just wait until I get to the knit one into front and back, knit 2 together section. That section probably has 1000 stitches per row. I don't want to think about it.

This is the front of a v-neck t-shirt I started a couple of years ago. The back is done, and better yet, the sleeves are included in the shaping, so once I finish this piece, I have a little seaming to do and it will be done. This is knitted in Jaeger 4-ply at something like 25 stitches to 4 inches and will be car pool knitting.

This one is called "Phoebe". I don't know why. It's lime green with a big purple flower that wraps around one side. This is the left front, once I finish this side I'll be done with the intarsia. Unless I go crazy and put a smaller flower on a sleeve. Except I hate knitting instarsia, so I probably won't.
This is why I hate intarsia. It's very, very messy. No matter how often I untangle the mess, by the next row, it looks like this again. Feh.

Until it gets to 90 degrees, I can usually stand to knit lace or sock weight wool. Since I knit on this when Phoebe makes me want to scream, I have made significant progress on one Waving Lace sock. This is 10 rounds away from the heel.

Will I finish any of these? Personally, I wouldn't bet on me.

Oh yeah, let's not forget about Faye! I will certainly be making some progress towards Faye.

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