Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Kitty and Bear

A couple of weeks ago -- no, make that a week ago -- I saw this insanely adorable stuffed doll over at Whispering Pine and decided I absolutely had to make one, so I bought the pattern and apparently couldn't stop at just one.

Kitty and Bear

These are for Len's niece and nephew, Max and Maddie. I did not do the crazy cute shoes or collars because. Well, because I am out of time. There it is. I changed their faces because I wasn't able to pull off "cute half smile" and they looked like they were smirking. At one and a half, I don't think their sense of irony are very well developed.

Kitty and Bear

I think they are kind of cute anyway.



A bunny will be making an appearance soon. I can't recommend Wee Wonderful's store enough for the cuteness factor -- she has a stuffed robot pattern*, for heaven's sake! -- and her freebie section is pretty freakin' adorable too. I know what everyone is getting for their birthdays this year.

*Which I am buying right now, as I type.

An unrelated cat story: Len took Gwen to the vet this morning. She has lost a couple pounds (which she didn't really have available to lose) and her fur has been kind of greasy. We still don't know what is wrong -- thyroid, worms, something else -- but it turns out that she is blind. I really find that much more amusing than I should (considering she is sick), but I think she has had vision problems for the last 4 years or more, so she's had plenty of time to get used to it. We have integrated Judy back into the population (which is going better than I expected), but have left her room with a baby gate over the door so the dog can't get in. Gwen will not jump the gate to get into the room, she yells at me until I open it for her. Which wouldn't be all that surprising, considering the blindness factor, EXCEPT she will jump the gate to get out. That cat is a mental case.

Anyway, I will be in the land of dial-up for the next week and a half and will probably not post during that time. So have joyful holiday-of-your-choosing and a peaceful New Year!


Sharon said...

Those dolls are adorable - very cute.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!

love, Cindy and her 4 boys!

@ said...

Bunny lives at my house now! SO CUTE!!