Monday, January 05, 2009

Back in the Land of High Speed

I am back in the land of high speed internet (otherwise known as "work"). Remind to tell you about the time Len drunkenly answered a sales call offering high speed for only $5.00 more a month and chatted with the guy for 10 minutes. Or not.

Anyway. We did as little as possible, including watching a 12 hour marathon of Bones (and really, by about 8:00 pm, it became a point of pride to make it through the whole thing). I am happy to report I did not have nightmares, surprising since it can be pretty gruesome.

Holiday knitting and crafting: I have tried in the last few years not to participate in the Christmas knitting frenzy. Christmas tends to be stressful enough without adding knitting deadlines. I don't know what happened this year, I had a sudden need to make stuff, and happily the knitting, sewing and gluing was much more fun than frantic.

Wee Mittens

Some number of years ago (7?) I started giving each of my nieces and nephews Christmas ornaments, my goal being that they would each have a small collection of ornaments when they move out and have their own Christmas trees. I don't know what possessed me (I have never made the ornaments before), but I had a sudden urge to knit teeny mittens for them all. All 8 of them (4 on my side, 4 on Len's). They knitted up really fast and I didn't get bored with them until the very last pair. I will post the pattern tomorrow, in case you would like to knit a pair of your very own (or someone else).

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Betty said...

Very cute mittens and a great idea. And a great use for leftover sock yarn, I bet. Looking foward to the pattern.