Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Actual Crafting Content

I know, crazy. I finally managed to take some pictures this weekend, despite the lack of sun and can show off a few things I've been working on:

February Lady Sweater

February Lady sweater. I used Manos del Uruguay, rescued from a long unfinished sweater. In keeping with the rescue theme:


I rescued these wolf buttons from a jacket I bought many years ago, but never liked. They work nicely with this, I think.

The Christmas tradition in my step-mother's family is called "Door Prizes": instead of a big, chaotic gift exchange, everyone brings stuff -- stuff they've been shopping for all year, stuff they think will appeal to one person or another, or to everyone, found stuff, made stuff -- it all goes on a table (or three), we draw numbers and pick (no one gets to steal stuff from anyone else). It is big and chaotic.


I made these for Door Prizes. I'm pretty sure I saw a tutorial somewhere, then realized this would be a great use for fat quarters. Here's how you do it: take two fat quarters of coordinating colors (or not), slap 'em right sides together, trim to the same size, sew together, leaving an opening to turn, turn them right side out, press, top stitch about 1/4 inch from edge. Easy and pretty.


I made these, too. Here is the other (not terribly coordinated side):


Also, despite swearing up one side of my sewing machine and down the other that I would not do this, I seem to have started a quilt. My only excuse is scraps and lots of them:

Scrap Quilt beginning

This comes via a Melly and Me tutorial. I intend to make this large enough to fit our queen size bed, obviously, I have a ways to go. I can totally see the appeal of quilting, but if I ever buy fabric specifically for that purpose, you may feel free to slap me.


bspinner said...

LOVE your sweater!!!!!!!!

Sharon said...

The sweater is perfect! I've seen that pattern a couple of times now - hmmmmmm.