Thursday, April 24, 2008

Today's Post Brought To You By Bald Grumpy Chickens

Still insanely busy at work. Len's new toys are getting. Oh, let's say, less than pretty.

Bald Chicken

I want out



Sharon said...

My memory is terrible, but I'm drawing a blank on Len's "new toys." What are they going to be?

tea said...

Oh, chickens, adolescence is so difficult, isn't it? Hopefully they're not making catty remarks about one another in the bathroom.

Trapunto said...

Hello, I'm a new member blundering my way around the WeaveRing. I like your fella's chickens--anything live and fluffy in the spring, really (athough I'm a duck woman myself). I'm not a knitter, but it looks like we may share some tastes in books, critters, patterns and vintage fabric! I look forward to your future posts.