Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Spring is Springing

Despite threats of more {insert swearing} snow, spring is coming. I think.


Bell's Brewery thinks Spring is coming.


I've been seeing more of these rotten creatures.

Sniffing Rabbit

Look! It's already trying to sniff out my garden! Rotten creature.


You might think this is a robin. Fred calls it "dinner".


You might call these "violets". I call them "weeds".

Daffodil Shoots

The best sign of all: Daffodil shoots.

Even snow {insert swearing} can't keep spring away forever. I think.


MICHmash said...

We have frogs singing at our house! I have to say, the Oberon I've sampled is lacking. Don't get me wrong, its still good, just not as good as usual.

Sharon said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures - they made me smile. I'd rather see a rabbit like that than the many I see smashed in the road. p.s. My favorite ale is Lagunitas IPA from Sonoma, California. Costco has had it lately, and that makes me smile too.