Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Knitting! Weaving! Sewing! Oh My!

Finished in very short order:


The Walkaway Dress. Very, very easy, but the bias tape was annoying. I found 6 yards of the green and blue paisley fabric in a local antique (junk?) shop. At 36" wide, it worked fine for the skirt and back pieces, but the front (the white piece in the above picture) was too wide. I was afraid the paisley would be overwhelming, anyway, so wasn't disappointed to use a contrasting fabric.

Shoes, you ask?


! Please don't look at the price, I'm embarrassed. My only excuse is a nice sized tax return.

Drifting Pleats

Pleats continue to drift. The red continues to be impossible to capture. The color is about right, but the picture fails to capture the depth of the color (Blue Sky Alpaca).

Linda's Hat

A Koolhaas for my step-mother, Linda, in Rowan Calmer.

White Blob

It doesn't look like much (and probably won't for a couple of years at the rate I knit), but eventually it will be Frost Flowers and Leaves. The blue is a lifeline, which I've not found reason to do before, but that row gave me a great deal of trouble. A lifeline hint: when you are threading it in, make sure you don't go through the markers. Learn from my idiocy.


It looks a bit like a hairy cloud, don't you think? This is alpaca from Henry's Attic, I may dye it when I am done. Then again, I may not.

Len's Sock

A toe-up ribbed sock for Len, guaranteed to drive me to drink -- I hate ribbing, but this is the only way to get a little pattern into his life. Um. I don't know what this yarn is.

Inkle Weaving

And. Finally. Weaving. Yup. We've been keeping Judy locked up in the weaving room, and to keep myself occupied while visiting her, I warped up the inkle loom. The selvages are pretty bad. I re-tied the warp so I think it will be better now. This will be a camera strap for my dad.


I'm going to put up hints to the remaining quotes in a couple of minutes, so check back.


Valerie said...

phew! You've been busy!! Nice job on the dress...cute shoes! And wow on all the knitting and inkle weaving too!

Stef said...

Holy cannoli. You have been busy!

Great job on the dress! I'm so impressed. Also, *love* those shoes! The yellow is fabulous.

tea said...

Oh man, poor Judy. What a mess her life seems. She sounds like a housewife who got married as a teen just to leave her parents' home, but it turns out she's secretly a lesbian and now has 9 kids so she has to turn to the Vicodin & Gin diet. :(

Anyways, yes, those SHOES! Oh my god. I'm dying of covet.

Good dress, too! I like the teal bias tape.

Lacy said...

I'm a dress a day reader... and now a reader of your blog, and I have to say I have been wanting to make that dress for months now. Unfortunately I lack the experience, confidence and time. But your recent sewing achievements have renewed my desire and I think I might try tackling something lesser to start with. Perhaps it will also inspire me to finish knitting that scarf I started three years ago... :(

bspinner said...

Talk about busy. I love the dress!! Great find on the fabric. The shoes are worth every penny spent on them. Not only are they cute they look comfortable.

Sharon said...

Did you stop going to work?! Holey moley, Lee. You're a machine and I'm getting very worried that I may end up pulling out my machine and sewing if I keep reading your blog. I made all my clothes until college, okay later than that, and I'm getting an (unwelcome) itch to do it again. Must - be - strong ~~

Nora said...

Another Dress A Day visitor - and am I glad I came! I knit and sew too (and - referring back to the last post - I just rewatched all of firefly and Serenity - *love*). I think that might be my favorite version of the Walkaway I've seen - such lovely colors! And girl, those shoes! Totally good use of a tax return. Though at the rate you're going you'll be learning to cobble next! Keep up the good work!