Monday, April 07, 2008

Len's New Toys

New Toys

New Toys2


Taking pictures of the little buggers is about the level of involvement in this venture that I want. They are cute now, but they grow up to be nasty creatures.

Temp Housing

This is their temporary housing (borrowed from a neighbor). The former owners of our house had a dog run in back of our barn, which Len will convert to a chicken coop. Note Fred in the background. She was intrigued.

Never in my life did I suspect chickens would be part of my world. Chickens. Oh well. Len did need a hobby!

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Sharon said...

Color me jealous. I want chickens and fresh eggs so bad I can taste it - literally. I know it's not going to happen because I'm also afraid of chickens, even though or because I grew up with them. They were more aggressive than I was pretty much.