Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Demented Cakes and Other Random Stuff

The cakes for the baby shower came out well, if not exactly traditional. The expecting couple aren't particularly traditional (thus a couple's shower), so they took the cakes in the spirit in which they were intended -- Fun and Good Cheer. I am sorry to report that I wore a brown blouse with white polka dots. Completely unintentional.

Demented Cake Decorating

This is what came in their gift bag:

Baby Sweater

I tried, but I just didn't have enough time. The arm looks really skinny to me, but the measurement is correct (not that that means much), so I blocked it last night and I am much happier with it. It isn't much bigger, but it relaxed a lot.

Wee Little Cuff

Wee little cuff. So cute! It will get folded under and be a little picot edging.

In other news, both my and Len's nieces are turning 11. Len's niece is easy, she wants earrings. I can cope with earrings -- nothing dangley, pretty, but not so dear anyone will be very sad when they go missing. My niece, on the other hand, wants Playmobile (I'm pretty sure she has the world's largest collection). Her mother says books -- she likes fantasy of the Harry Potter variety. While I do like HP, I don't find that category very helpful, since I don't know the genre well, and I don't know what she already has. Do you suppose a kid who likes Harry would also like Ramona Quimby?

While wandering around the store I ran into How To Be The Best At Everything. Two random samples from the Girl's Book were How To Do Your Own Manicure and Friendship Bracelets. Samples from the Boy's Book were Water Bombs and How to Tie Three Kinds of Knots. The boy's book sounds way cooler. How depressing is that? Shouldn't we be moving beyond these sorts of stereotypes? I considered the Boy's book for my niece (since those are the sorts of things I think she enjoys), but I hate the idea that I'd be participating in the message that some things are for boys and some things are for girls. Why can't they put the two books together and call them "How To Be the Best At Everything: Kid's Edition" and let the kid decide if he wants to tie a knot or paint his nails?

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