Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Yarn Update

My love for RYC Soft Tweed will not have to be from afar. Webs, sweet Webs has some on clearance, at a price I can afford. So I ordered enough of the "Sprig" (which I believe is the same as the green I have) for a sweater, then bought three balls of the mauve (which I think is called "Bark") at Flying Sheep (my LYS), to use as an accent.

In other knitting news, it seems the famous The Princess Shawl has been re-released. Anyone want to place bets on how long I will hold out?

I wouldn't want to leave you without a picture, so how about one of my sweet (yet wackily neurotic) Gwennie:
She doesn't look nuts. But she is.

1 comment:

Valerie said...

Lovely kitty shot. It almost looks like it could be pencil sketch.

I bought Sharon's Wedding Ring shawl pattern with the goal of spinning the yarn to knit the shawl. After doing a lot of the preliminary work, we started painting and it's all sitting in a pile somewhere around here!

Good luck w/ the Princess Shawl temptation!