Friday, June 30, 2006

Knitting Updates

On occasion, I knit. It never really feels like I get enough time, what with the planting and the weeding, and the weeding (ad infinitum), but apparently I am knitting in my sleep because there is progress:
The left side of the Obnoxious Flower Sweater is done. I have started the right side which includes no intarsia, so that will either get done very quickly, or not at all (due to boredom). There are a heck of a lot of ends on the back side, I am trying to weave in a few every couple of nights. The green is not nearly so subtle, by the way: it is lime green in a 1980's sort of way.
Here is the finished Waving Laces sock and proof that I don't suffer from Second Sock Phobia (in this case, anyway). It isn't nearly as pretty off the foot as on (putting this sock gives me more pleasure than is really necessary).
I love the Louet Gems Pearl so much I decided to subject some to kool-aid (because what better way to show the love?) The colors are really much brighter than the picture shows. I used 4 packets each of orange, strawberry and lemonade in about 1/2 cup water for each skein. I had considered making these self-striping (for instructions, see Eunny), but I really like how the colors play together and thought making the color changes completely random would enhance the pretty effect. We'll see once I start knitting.
Here is my first attempt at Faye (a swatch, anyway). The yarn is Dale of Norway's Stork and the stitch pattern is based on a Jaeger baby sweater pattern (Debbie Bliss' Smock Jacket). I'll give the pattern a couple of repeats, but so far I'm not in love with the yarn (at least not for this purpose, it is otherwise lovely). I want something a little less crisp and shiny than this is turning out.

These are two EZ Baby Surprises, one finished, one in the works. These are for Len's sister Amy, who is have twins. The first is made with Mexican Wave. Apparently, if you buy yarn, hoping that one of your friends will have a girl so you can knit a pretty pink sweater, they will all have boys. Including the one with triplets (sorry about that C! My fault for buying the yarn!). When Len's sister got pregnant, I bugged him more often than was reasonable to find out what variety she would be having. Turned out to be one of each.
And finally. Daffodil. Looking sad and deflated.

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