Thursday, June 15, 2006

Vegetable Garden

I like that the dew on the long grass shows up in this picture (and that the big ugly house in the background is obliterated by the sun). Since my crummy camera doesn't do detail, the garden looks a lot nicer here than it does in reality.
Left to right: corn, green beans (didn't get many of those plants), sugar snap peas, Early Girl tomatoes, Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes, miscellaneous heirloom tomatoes (started from seed, didn't label), 1/2 row leeks, 1/2 row pickling cucumbers, and a variety of peppers (habeneros, jalapenos, anchos and red bell). I've also planted marigolds and sunflowers in hopes of controlling pests. We'll see.

The grass is trying to take this plot back. This problem wasn't quite so bad last year because I had taken the sod off; this year, when Len doubled the size, he roto tilled the space. It was a lot easier, but we'll be battling the grass for a long time. We plan to cover the plot in newspaper and horse manure in the fall, but I expect it will take a few years to kill off the roots.

The other issue we are having is something is killing our tomato plants. Most of them seem to be doing well, but several have been eaten down to nothing, and others have wilted and died. No evidence of that horrible Tomato Horn Worm, and according to some research I've done, it's early for their appearance. Baby rabbits are a possibility (Len put up a fence, but babies are small enough to slip through).

In another spot we put in asparagus, which seems to be doing well and strawberries, which all got eaten. Several times.

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