Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Look! It's pictures! Of towels. And my messy kitchen.

I got all of them hemmed on Sunday. I had hemmed two of them by hand, which was easy enough, but slow going. Sunday I decided to suck it up and do the rest of them by machine. I'm not exactly a skilled seamstress, I'm fairly sure I hadn't touched a sewing machine since I took Home Ec. in Junior High. Surprisingly, the sewing went well. The hems aren't all that straight, but they don't show, and the edges of the hems stick out, which has to do with how they were folded.

Above, is a closer picture of the white towel (woven with a mostly white weft, with stripes of yellow and green).

Here is the green weft towel. This one has a stupid mistake: I had a bobbin of green rayon laying around and ended up weaving the first inch with it instead of the green cotton. I didn't discover it until I was ready to go back to the green. It doesn't make a huge difference, the green is a little lighter.

Here is the towel with the yellow weft. What I find really interesting is how different the green and yellow tones are in the weft as opposed to the warp tones. The number of threads per inch in the weft are pretty much the same as in the warp, but the weft colors show up much lighter than when they are in the warp.

This is the last towel I wove. Unfortunately, I didn't have quite enough warp to make it as long as the others (I was straining to get it as long as it is).

I had bought this yarn originally to make a tablecloth for my Mom. I got really nervous about working on that because it's going to involve doubleweave (basically, weaving it folded in half) and I didn't feel quite up for a project that size. I'm very glad I did the towels first because I have a much better idea of how the colors will work together. The next step toward the cloth is to play around with doubleweave.

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