Thursday, March 09, 2006

Inkle Loom With a Purpose

I was poking around Handwoven's website and found this cute little pouch to weave on my Inkle Loom. Basically, it is two straps sewn together, folded and buttoned. It didn't seem all that hard, and more fun than weaving something without a purpose. After much moaning, crying, some swearing, taking warp out and putting it back in, I now have a pretty purple, blue and pink striped warp*:

Which makes this when woven:
*A couple of weeks ago I said that my G
randma had an Inkle Loom which my brother and I wove on when we went to visit. I remember being pretty confused about how to get the warp on and not being able to remember from one minute to the next what I was supposed to do. I'm better at it now, but I completely understand why I was confused when I was 10.

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