Thursday, March 02, 2006

And a couple of weaving pictures

I wasn't as obsessive as usual when putting the warp on, which mostly wasn't a problem. The warp was about 4 yards long, enough for 4 towels (I ended up a bit short for the fourth, but it's fine). Sometime after the second towel, part of the warp got mushy (the left white stripe). I just shoved some cardboard under it and went on.

Look! Almost like a real weaver!
Here is a closeup of the yellow towel on the loom. I finished weaving the towels on Sunday in a crazy fit of shuttle throwing. I've been working on hemming them and will try to remember to post pictures on Monday. But we'll see how many brain cells are functioning.

Now, if only Halcyon would send my gamp kit, I will be a happy weaver.

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