Monday, January 21, 2008

Weekend Crafting

I am pleased to report, despite a rather busy Saturday, I managed to finish the Tilted Duster:

Tilted Duster

Simon is pleased. I added a couple of rows of garter stitch to the bottom of the expanse of stockinette, since I can't help but think it will curl, even with severe blocking. I had enough of the green to do the collar, but decided to stick with my original plan to use the mauve, which I think adds some extra interest.

Tilted Collar

It still needs buttons (I'm going up to Nirvana=ThreadBear* this weekend and will, I hope, find some). It also needs to be blocked -- the sweater fits but lays a bit oddly, the knitting really needs a good soak to relax some, which should fix that issue. I may also end up ripping the collar and re-knitting it, since it is a bit on the tall side for me.

Next up in knitting: I need to make a quick baby sweater, for a shower-lunch thing next Tuesday. I went shopping in my rather substantial stash and didn't come up with anything inspiring. I do have some very light gray wool, which I may dye with kool-aid. It isn't washable, though, and I hate the idea of subjecting someone with a new baby to hand washing. Seems mean. I'll decide before leaving work.

And in the "Have You Lost Your Ever-Lovin' Mind" category:

A Little Intimidated

Yes. Sewing. Never mind that I haven't sewn a dang thing since junior high school Home Ec., or that I have my hands full with the knitting and the weaving and the baking and the cooking and the cleaning. Not to mention the stupid beads. I need something else to do like I need a hole in the head. However, I do have a sewing machine -- bought specifically for the purpose of steeks -- and it does seem like there are certain things that make more sense to make than to buy (e.g. a simple little bag). I resisted for quite a long time before I caved.


But cave, I did. Then I fell for some cute flowers.


And who can resist dots (with the requisite cat hair)? Certainly not I. I blame angry chicken. It is her book after all.

Simple Tote

I got all of the pieces cut out (badly, I'm sure), but it all came crashing down when I couldn't find the manual for the sewing machine to review how to wind a bobbin, which shows just how little experience I have. I downloaded the manual today, so I'm good to go. Or I should be. Now, if I could just download some sanity, I'd be happy.

*I don't really need an excuse to go, but they are hosting Franklin Habit of The Panopticon fame, as part of his 1,000 Knitters project. Yes, I am a sheep (of the stupid follower variety, not of the bad pun type). But I also haven't had a decent picture taken of me since my high school senior pictures, and I am interested in how a professional would do.


MICHmash said...

Oh good, when you reacquaint yourself with sewing you can explain to me how to read the pattern I bought...a year make pajamas.

@ said...

I can't wait to see you in two-dimensions as part of the 1000 knitter's project. FUN!!!
If you teach MICHmash how to sew, I'll teach your cats how to stay up all night meowing in your ear. ;)