Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Photographic Evidence of Knitting

I know y'all have been wondering if I'd ever post pictures of knitting again (I kind of doubt that), and here it is, evidence of knitting:

Frost Flowers and Leaves 2

Frost Flowers and Leaves. It doesn't look like much, nor will it until it is blocked, but knitting lace is such a pleasure. The yarn is alpaca lace weight from Henry's Attic, which I bought more than a year ago (I think) with this project in mind.

Puffy Knitting

I can't wait to get it on the circulars. The corners where the double points are ugly (blocking will be my friend, I hope).

Drifting Pleats 2

Drifting Pleats: two sets of pleats have drifted. The yarn is Blue Sky Alpaca Silk, in Garnet, I'm using size 4 needles for this.

Pleats Detail

Closeup of the pleats, with bonus cat hair.

Tilted Duster

The Tilted Duster, looking more like a sweater than a green blob. While I don't think I will ever convert to large needle knitting, there is something to be said for starting a sweater and being able to wear it in short order. I'm not there yet, but I don't think this will take more than another couple of weeks.

Genius Marking System

The ribbing part of the pattern has a 9 row repeat (increasing at the sides, decreasing at the front), which is repeated 10 times. Rather than a row counter and marking repeats on the pattern, I decided to attach 10 removable markers to the knitting. When I finish a 9 row repeat, I take one of these markers and attach it to the last row of the repeat.

Markers In Situ

I don't know how, but I'm pretty sure I will manage to screw this up. For now, though, it is working very well, and I haven't gotten lost yet.

Fred Loves Knitting

Gratuitous cat shot: Fred loves knitting.

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