Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tuesday List

I have only a little to say about not very much, so a totally random list it is:

1. I continue to be in a very blah mood. Lack of sun? Too much bizarre weather? It's typical of Michigan, but always disconcerting. Depression?

2. Judy is sleeping with us again. She still hasn't forgiven us for taking her to the vet, and we still don't see her otherwise (unless she is running away), but for the last two nights, she has slept on our bed. Weird. We are supposed to take Simon, Gwen and Judy back to the vet this weekend for booster shots, I doubt we'll get Judy back up there.

3. Fred continues to be completely delightful.

Simon and Fred

4. I seem to be on track to finish the Tilted Duster by the end of this weekend. Crazy. Aside from baby sweaters, this is the fastest I've ever knit a sweater.

5. Election rant: I haven't decided whether I am voting in the primary today. The national Democratic party is not seating any delegates from Michigan and all but Clinton and Kucinich pulled their names from the ballot. And I will not vote in the Republican primary, since I dislike all of them equally. I was sick of the election about 3 minutes after it began, which was like 5 years ago. Wake me up when it's over. Seriously. Is there any substance? I have this vague memory that Edwards, Clinton and Obama released health care plans, but that was a long time ago. We get a lot of "I was against the war before you were against the war"/"No, I was" blah blah blah. Has any of them given a realistic answer as to what they would actually do about it? What are the steps any one of them would take to help stabilize the Middle East? Was there ever a time when presidential candidates actually said something? The decision about who will be our next president should be the most important decision I make today, but I can't help but believe that decision will have been made by someone with a great deal more money than I long before I step into a voting booth. Feh.

6. I'm reading Atonement by Ian McEwan. I love it. I haven't seen the movie, I've heard it is very good, but I cannot, for the life of me see how the book could be translated to a movie.

7. That is all. Here is a pretty picture:



Valerie said...

I hear ya on the Michigan weather!

Atonement: read it when it first went to paperback a couple years ago. Haven't seen the movie and like you, can't imagine how it could be a movie. Tho' I've heard the war scene is pretty graphic.

Sharon said...

I read Atonement a couple of months ago and don't plan on seeing the movie - I don't want to ruin the images already in my head. I think it's a book I'll never forget. Think about reading The History of Love by Nicole Krauss if you like that kind of fiction.