Thursday, January 03, 2008

This and That

I'm back. The best I can say about the holidays is that they are over. The less said the better.

Cats, on the other hand, they are keeping our lives interesting. It's a long story, full of scratches, bites, tears, and recriminations. And that was just Judy. But. Everyone got vaccinated and we got our new baby, What's Her Name (Stella? Clara? ???) and Len did not get an infection from the cat bite.

What's her name?

So cute! She took over the house immediately. Simon started playing with her within a day or so. Gwen. Well, she's been less accepting. She pooped on the bathroom floor several times a day, for several days (and a couple of times in the bedroom). It's been tense, but she's working through her issues. Ha! Judy finally joined us last night, after hiding in the basement for a week, and discovered the newbie. She wasn't amused.

Judy is Annoyed

And our friends, C & A had a baby a week ago. I got to see her on Tuesday, an auspicious beginning to the new year.


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