Monday, July 23, 2007

The End of the White Blob

Ok, I have to be honest. I don't know when I started Daffodil, but I'm sure it was before I started the blog. Summer of 2005, maybe? But it is done.

Unblocked Daffodil

I finished the knitting a week or so ago, but didn't have time to block it until yesterday. Even in its unblocked, blobby state, you can see how pretty it is (or least I can, but I'm biased).


This would be more dramatic on a dark background. Blocking is always a challenge for me, and this was no exception. Part of the problem is that I didn't really know how big it would be, but once I figured out that it wanted to be 37" in diameter, things went much more smoothly (I drew a 37" circle on the sheet and marked off 1" intervals).

Edge detail

{blech} That's a bad picture! Blocking went more smoothly, obviously not perfectly.

Flower Detail

I'm at a bit of a loss now. I have plenty to knit, but nothing is really doing it for me. I suspect I will start another lace piece very soon. 'Cos, you know, I can't seem to help myself!

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Stef said...

This is absolutely beautiful & I can't wait to see it in person! You're inspiring me to finish one of my dozen unfinished knitting projects...