Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Summer Knitting!

Last summer I made a list of knitting projects I was knitting on, and while I had hoped to finish them, this year's list is remarkably similar:

1. Daffodil continues.


I've decided to give myself a deadline: mid-July. Last I counted there were 1128 stitches on the needle and I'm increasing by about 50 every other round, with about 20 rounds to go. Wish me luck!

2. The obnoxious Flower Sweater continues:

Flower Power

The back and both fronts are done and I have started the sleeves. I have no idea what book this is from, I made a working copy of the pattern and then lost it. I started this I-don't-know-how-long-ago, and I'm not really sure what possessed me, but I still like it enough to want to finish. I still hate intarsia.

3. Shedir:


In Rowan Calmer.

4. A pile of DK cotton:


This pile of cotton will some day become a cardigan. Nirvana didn't have enough of any one color (that I liked and could afford), so I bought a contrasting color and will put in a few stripes.

5. The fair isle will continue during times I can stand to knit with wool:

Fair Isle Sleeve

I'm so completely in love with this.

6. And Faye. Of course. I've made no progress whatsoever.

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Anonymous said...

As always, gorgeous work! I can't wait to see that fair isle when it's done.