Friday, July 06, 2007

Fourth of July Parade!

"On the stairs I smoke a cigarette alone
Mexican kids are shootin' fireworks below
Hey baby, it's the Fourth of July
Hey baby, Baby take a walk outside"
-- X

What's the Fourth of July without a little John Doe (whose voice makes me melt) and X? A little late, but still.

My mom and I went to Grass Lake's Fourth of July Parade. I'm such a sucker for antique tractors and old cars: about halfway through the parade, I filled up my memory card and kept having to frantically delete old John Deere and Farmall tractors. I'm such a dork.

Kid Gets Candy
Kid gets candy

I haven't been to a parade in a very long time. Apparently the big thing is to throw candy to the kids who have brought bags for the event. They don't actually watch the parade, they watch for flying candy (then again, antique tractors and old cars are maybe not the most exciting subject matter for the little buggers).

Orange Tractor
But what's not to love? This one looks like a cartoon character.

Silver King

Isn't this gorgeous? So curvy and graceful. I like that these farm machines combined great style with practicality: just because something is used every day to work a field, why shouldn't it look good?

Art Deco Car2
Design over function

Ok. No more being a crank. For me anyway:

Motorized Grocery Cart

This kid was not pleased by the role she had in the parade. She was scowling at the crowd as she buzzed by. Since she had no candy to throw, I don't think she got much sympathy.

One more:


Does this help or hurt librarians' cause not be seen as total nerds?

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