Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Best Movie Reviews

I love movie reviews, at least as much as previews (for which I have an unnatural addiction). We don't actually go out to the movies, or rent them. And no, we don't do Netflix either (and quit asking!), if a movie shows up on HBO, IFC, Sundance, or any other cable network, chances are pretty good that we'll see it. Or buy the DVD (of which we have many we have not yet seen). I can't explain why.

I am maybe late to this bandwagon, but recently I started reading a review website called Pajiba: Scathing Review for Bitchy People. Here are two reviews which illustrate what I love about the site: Brokeback Mountain and the new "torture porn" movie Captivity (I suppose I should warn you about language, but you're all adults). This is some seriously good writing.

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