Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I had a sudden desire to make aprons. Why? Sheer insanity, why else.

Several months ago I found an adorable apron in a local antique store:


Operating under the principle of Use-Your-Stuff, I wear this fairly often when cooking or baking and find it very useful. And adorable. Unfortunately, I had only one and it was usually dirty.

For reasons I won't go into (mainly because it's a very long story, having nothing whatsoever to do with today's story), we came into a very large stack of dishtowels at Christmas this year. More than we could ever need. And lately I've been reading the Angry Chicken, which has inspired a bizarre desire to sew something, and served to remind me that a dishtowel doesn't have to be just a dishtowel.

Friday I bought a spool of grosgrain ribbon and last night made three aprons. Very exciting, if that sort of thing excites you.

Bad Sewing

This endeavor was not without problems. But I am not one to be put off by, oh, you know, lack of Know-How. After I did a lot of swearing, squinting at the manual, squinting at the machine, trying to get the two to match up, more swearing, and a bit of banging my head on the table, I finally figured out how to draw the bottom thread up. And all went smoothly after that (except that I can't sew a straight line).

Dish Towel Apron

I decided, for whatever reason, these would be more stable if I sewed the ribbon all the way across the towel rather than one piece of ribbon on either side. I also thought it would look nicer. In retrospect, given my lack of ability with a sewing machine, that might have been a little silly.

Three Dishtowel Aprons

Despite it all, they don't look so bad. They will stay on and the straps won't fall off. Works for me!

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