Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Simon Says...

..."Thanks, Barb!"


He certainly believes his humans do not appreciate the gorgeousness that is Himself nearly enough. If we did, we would not yell at him when all he wants to do is climb the new screen door (all 15 lbs of him!) He has been threatening to go live with our friends K & S, who have declared their undying love. He thinks they will let him climb their screens.

Judy, one the other hand, thinks we appreciate her way too much, and wishes we would lay off.

Judy Makes an Appearance


bspinner said...

Thanks for the pictures. 15 pounds. Believe me he's not going anywhere he has you trained very well.
Can't wait to see the wire weaving off the loom. It will make a great bracelet. One of a kind originall. How exciting.

vanessa said...

is simon a bengal? he looks like my raja.

Lee said...

Hi Vanessa!

No, he's a mutt. I adopted him and his sister, Gwen, from a farm about 6 years ago. Gwen's a lot smaller with much more orange and no black.