Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Wire Weaving Continued

I had another go at weaving on the wire warp a few days ago and managed to get pictures last night. Bad pictures.


This time I tried pick-up. First, I have to say I have never done this type of pick-up on the inkle loom (or any other loom, for that matter) -- I've done the brocade, which involves warp floats, but not this technique which uses the warp for the pattern -- so if it looks really bad, that's one reason (I actually don't think it looks that bad). Second, the picture is showing more of a contrast between the brass and silver than actually exists. I think the subtle patterning would look fine using fiber (wool or cotton), but the wire really needs more contrast.
I don't think this will end up being anything more than a reference piece, since it is more interesting than pretty.


I'm planning to cut this warp off tonight and will hopefully come up with some brilliant plan to finish off the beaded bracelet.

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