Thursday, April 26, 2007

Insane Weeks

Sorry about the relative silence, lately. It has been a completely insane couple of weeks, in good and bad ways. I won't comment further, since it is all work related.

Instead. Knitting progress.

Shawl Detail

Here is a detail shot of the shawl I've been knitting. I'm almost done with the knitting, then I will employ some sort of crocheted cast-off, block it, and then maybe string beads on. We'll see how ambitious I am.

And since I actually have to watch the knitting on the shawl, I've also made quite a lot of progress on the body of the Equinox Pullover. No picture, though, it's really too boring to show. Instead, have a daffodil:

Yellow&White Daffodil3

I was going to say something else, but I don't remember what. That's the kind of week I'm having.

Valerie, I like that question from your son's Econ Class. It reflects, I think, the very complicated relationship between wealth and poverty in this country.

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bspinner said...

We've all had to deal with "insane weeks" at work. Hope everything has cooled down and you're having a fun weekend.
The pictures of the flowers are great!!
I did want to ask about weaving wire on your inkle loom. Have you finished that project and how did it turn out.