Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Cleaned Up

I think I've gotten the blog cleaned up sufficiently. It isn't the same as it was, and I find change uncomfortable, so I don't know how I feel about it yet. What do you think?

A Visitor

Thanks, Angell, for your comments. Gwen (this picture taken with my old crummy camera) is a mutt. I got her and her brother, Simon, from a random person (my step-mother knew someone who knew someone. That kind of random). She's been the most neurotic cat I've ever known from the very beginning. Simon let me give him a bath the night I brought them home, she wouldn't let me near her for two weeks. She wouldn't let my boyfriend touch her for more than a year and she whines a lot. She isn't allowed in our bedroom any more (unless we are in it) because she pees on everything. But, she is awfully cute and cuddly when she wants to be. Plus I have a pretty sizable financial investment in her (she was very sick a couple of years ago). Anyway, I'm so sorry you lost your's and I do hope you get another (they manage to make their way into your life when you are ready).

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