Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What Happens When I Don't Know What to Knit Next


Seriously, I have no idea. I have yarn, lots of yarn. Yarn that I am happy to use, but for what? I have boatloads of lace weight: a 1# cone of Henry's Attic Alpaca Lace (actually, I already know what this wants to be: this shawl, but lacier); about 2,000 yards of a silk-merino blend (the name of which is escaping me); and I just found 1,900 yards of random wool (same wool as this scarf, different color) which I had bought for a particular sweater, not bothering to check something so meaningless as, you know, gauge. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'm just not that smart.

Judy, bless her heart, found 17 balls of gray-mauve DK wool, plus 12 balls of different colors, in a closed-box-with-something-heavy-on-top (Judy is very talented). The original intention for this yarn was a Jo Sharp intarsia sweater (Ariel), because that one makes sense for a first intarsia project. Why yes, I am a bit stupid, thanks for pointing it out.

I also have 2,000 yards of Rowan blue tweedy aran weight something-or-other-that-Google-won't-show-me. This yarn has wanted to be a sweater for a long time, but frankly there isn't quite enough yarn for a full-on Aran sweater (for me anyway), and hasn't seemed to want to be a plain sweater. Several months ago I got about 3,000 yards of a purple aran weight. This yarn definitely wants to be an Aran sweater, but hasn't decided whether it wants to be this sweater, or whether I should design a cardigan myself.

I flipped through most of my Interweave Knits last night, while watching the Tigers get creamed . I have a couple of sweaters in mind, which I will post about sometime this week.

By the way, I am feeling much better than I was last week. It's a relief because my depressions are often last much longer. I do need to edit the post to read "Len wouldn't necessarily be a refuge". His has depression as well, but his storms rarely last more than a day or two.

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