Monday, April 24, 2006

Some odds and ends

First up, we have a picture of Gwen (with surprisingly normal eyes). Gwen's been a little jealous of all of the photographic attention Judy gets, so I thought I'd better post one before she murders us in a fit of rage (she is actually much too afraid of everything to be murderous, also too fat).

In other feline fun. It had been warm enough over the last week to open most of the windows in our house, much to the delight of all of our cats. It rained Saturday night, and ended up being quite chilly so I closed them all. It took a while for this to sink into the cats' tiny little brains. Both Gwen and Judy smacked into the same window, Gwen didn't have much to say about it, but Judy was not happy. She still small enough that she won't jump into the window frame, she scrambles up to it (she puts her front paws on the sill, and then climbs the wall with her back legs, it's pretty dramatic under the best of circumstances); she bumped off the window and just howled in anger.

Bad gauge: I said this sweater was knitted at 25 stitches per inch. Make that to 4 inches. Amy, your 45 st. to 4 inches is waayyy more impressive! I have a hard time telling right from left, I can't remember my own phone number (but I do remember the one I made up to take it's place), and now I can't distinguish between 1 inch and 4 inches. It is, maybe, time for a head exam. Yeesh.

And a bit of trivia: there is a county in Alaska (I don't know which one) where more than half of it's population identifies itself as Quaker. It is the only county which is 50% or more Quaker. Go figure. Of course that could mean 12 people and a couple of bears. More on this can be found here. These are fascinating to me: look especially at where most of the Baptists are (kind of a horizontal line in the South) vs. where all adherents are (pretty much a vertical line just east of the Mississippi). The categories aren't very refined (they list several kinds of Lutherans, but don't break down the Methodists), but still interesting.

Why yes. I am a nerd. Thanks for asking!

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Super Carrot said...

I'm a nerd too; I love data like this. But where's the non-monotheists (Hindus, Buddhists, Pagans, Wiccans, Athiests, etc.) ?

When church and state finally merge, these will be the official state religions (by state):