Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The end of last week was very bad. Someone I know got a tragic diagnosis, something broke into the chicken house and killed a chicken, and my cousin's husband died. Nope. Not fun.

My weekend was pure chaotic insanity, which kept my mind off of the ugliness happening elsewhere, but also kept me at the edge of meltdown most of the time (it was achieved at about 9:00 pm on Sunday).

I went blueberry picking on Saturday morning with some friends. Len came home in the afternoon and we went over to our friends' to pick up this little darling:


Seriously, how could you resist that face? I'll tell you more about her tomorrow (and have a better picture).

Beans, Relish and Blueberry Jam

The rest of the weekend was spent on this: Dilly Beans, Dill Relish, Blueberry Jam, and imagine the Sweet Relish, which I already gave to one of my sisters. I made the jam on Saturday and the rest during a marathon session on Sunday. Somehow Len managed to invite some friends over and his sister stopped by. It was Not Good. But, the good part is that I won't have to do it again for a few days, which sounds like a luxury.

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