Monday, August 11, 2008

Weaving and History

My aunt Penny has a letter in the most recent issue of Handwoven about her memories of the Henry Ford supplied looms in her two room schoolhouse (the children in the picture are not my aunts, or my father). I had written in November about a set of slides I had scanned. Here are a couple more images of my grandpa's weaving from that set:

I don't have any more pictures of my grandmother's weaving, although I do have a few things: a belt she wove on the inkle loom, a shawl she wove for her sister (my great aunt Jeannette) and an afghan. All of us grandkids received an afghan, I remember that my afghan was the only one she wove. My dad says my brother Ken's was woven as well, and that Aaron and Krista's were knitted. He's most likely right, even if I'd like to think he is wrong (although, now that I know how to do both, the knitted afghans took a lot more tenacity. I, myself, would rather weave a blanket than knit one!)

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