Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Len's Projects

We have a pool. It is completely ridiculous to have a pool in Michigan, especially if the pool does not have a heater, since it is only warm enough to use for 2 or 3 months of the year. Once nighttime temperatures dip into the 50's, it's all over. The pool didn't come with a heater and we are too cheap to buy one (not the mention the amount of electricity the thing would suck up). Yes, solar panels don't suck up electricity, but they are not cheap. We are cheap. Len, especially, is cheap. When faced with a problem like this, what is a cheap man to do? Rig something up.

His first idea was get lots of hose, drape it over our barn and use a pump and timer thingie to suck water out of the pool, allow it to heat up in the hose (draped over the black roof) for some amount of time and spit it back into the pool. I nixed that idea when he started spending money on it, since I did not want to look at hose draped over the barn. Plus, he couldn't get the timer to work properly.

His next idea involved building a lattice of copper pipe (which he found), putting it over a bonfire and pumping the water through, this time not on a timer, but continually. This idea apparently worked reasonably well (and I didn't have to look at it), but wasn't pumping enough water through to make a difference. The fire needed to be closer to the pool. And since there are tall weeds and trees, it needed to be safe(ish).

Pool Heater

This, my friends, is a pool heater. Yeah, that's ok, I'll wait for you stop laughing. Done? Ok, there is a lattice of copper tubing in the firebox, there is a pump in the pool and they are attached by the hose. Len says the water is quite warm when it goes back into the pool, but will it be enough to get another month out of the pool? We shall see.

Len's other project, the chickens, is coming along nicely:


Eggs! His more experienced friend Craig warned him these may not have yolks, in which case these are practice eggs.

And the puppy?


Seriously. We renamed her Lizzie, which makes her our's.


Fred would like you to know that she is still VERY cute.


Helen said...

I find the idea of eggs without yolks quite scary. I hope they don't practise for very long.

And Fred is lovelier than ever, tell her.

bspinner said...

Have fun in the pool. You've got to admire Len's ingenuity.