Monday, July 28, 2008

The Pet Situation

Whenever someone comes to our house I can tell what they are thinking: "these people are seriously lacking in canine influence." Yeah. It seems there is a good chance we will be correcting this household deficit in the near future.

One of our friends' dogs recently had a very unintended pregnancy and had two puppies. Craig and Chrissy found a home for one, but not the other (a girl, named Buttercup. Seriously.) Len had met this puppy before, but on Saturday he spent a few hours with her and he is In Love. Even so, he told them no, we couldn't take her because my hands are full with the cats and the garden, and his hands are full with the properties and fish and chickens. Then he came home and for the next 24 hours all I heard was how adorable this puppy is and well behaved. And she doesn't beg. And when she wants pets she runs right into your legs and then asks for pets. And. And. And. I could tell he was trying to talk himself out of taking the dog and not doing very well.

Then on Sunday late afternoon he said, "how about if I call Chrissy and tell her that if they don't find someone to take the dog by next weekend, we will take her overnight to see how it goes?" After some back and forth, I agreed (foolishly). Len talked to Chrissy, then spent the rest of the evening trying to convince the cats that this is a good idea. They ignored him. I am very sure that we will have a canine house guest on Saturday night and much of Sunday. Just to see how it goes.


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Wow. I'll be interested to hear how the kitties react to this...