Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Hey Baby, It's the Fourth of July*

Er, it was, anyway. We had a very long, fun-filled weekend: Parade! Party! Fireworks! Um...Party again! You'd think we were social, or something.

Here Come the Tractors

What's better than a small town parade? Our small town parade has a lot of old tractors, which I think are beautiful.

Big Machine

And big farm equipment.

Lions Air Force

And teeny, tiny fighter jets. Or something.

Also, a Dodge Ram, decked out in full Confederate flag regalia. That would be for Pizza Time in Grass Lake. Their pizza isn't very good and they are assholes. Don't eat there.

Miss Lily

Lily enjoyed her first parade.

In tomorrow's episode: Len defeats everyone at croquet (the man has some hidden talents!)

1 comment:

bspinner said...

I love it!! Where but small town USA do you see parade with tractors in it. Our neighbor restores them and of course there is a whole club dedicated to old tractors.
The pictures of the fireworks are great.
Thanks for sharing your 4th with us.