Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fourth of July Tale Interrupted

to bring you a very loud skirt:

Loud Skirt

It is not possible to be sad in this skirt. It is McCall's 5431, the fabric was this irresistible Michael Miller Carnival Bloom and trimmed with Play Diamond.

Dizzy View

The view from above. I wore the skirt to work yesterday, even though I haven't finished sewing down the inside of the yoke. It was just so silly!

And do you remember the leek pod from a few weeks back? This is what happens when leeks are left to their own devices:

Flowering Leek

So pretty. I might to start making these a regular feature of my flower garden.


kym said...

I LOVE this skirt! You've done such a good job at finding patterns that fit who you are, without going overboard. and you're right, who can be unhappy looking at this skirt?!!?

Stef said...

This is fabulous! I definitely have to make you a fun necklace to coordinate with some of these fun skirts.

Sharon said...

I *love* the skirt - can see why you couldn't wait to wear it. You gotta love happy clothes~

bspinner said...