Monday, November 05, 2007

Weaving Happened

If by weaving you mean the entire process, rather than the simple act of throwing a shuttle back and forth, I got a little weaving done. Not a lot, but even a little is progress:


After 1.5 hours

After about one and half hours. Well. It's something.

In other news: I finished 2 hats and 2 scarves for the Euchre tournament, and I failed to take pictures (which is really too bad, the hat that went with the RYC scarf turned out nicely). I have also finished the second sleeve for the baby sweater. I will block tonight and begin the finishing as soon as it is dry. I've started the little pants to go with the sweater -- I'm thinking that, since I'm adding a fourth color, that I'm going to work the legs out so the stripes don't quite match.


Valerie said...

Hmmm....that warp looks like a rainbow warp. Will we be seeing a color gamp in the future?

Lee said...

Valerie -- that's the plan, if I ever manage to get the warp on the loom. I've not seen pictures of how this is supposed to turn out (it's from the Halcyon kit), so I feel like I'm warping blind.