Monday, May 14, 2007

Bad Knitting Dream

If my dream life is any indication, I am suffering from a serious case of knitting envy: Saturday night I had a dream that we had a baby shower for one of the researchers here at work. Several of us gave her hand-knitted baby sweaters. Mine was a Baby Surprise Jacket (one of my standard baby sweaters), everyone else made fine gauge Fair Isle or cabled sweaters. The people that made those sweaters don't even knit!

My only explanation is that I am making a baby sweater for a friend of mine, and I am feeling a little guilty because I am so not on time. She had the baby two weeks ago.

Another possibility. I want to start submitting pictures to public groups on Flickr, but I am lacking self confidence.

1 comment:

Valerie said...

Flicker: Go for it!

Baby Sweater: Unless it's a teeny sweater, baby can't wear it right now anyway.

Why are we all so hard on ourselves? As we say in are perfect where you are right now.