Friday, May 25, 2007

And some odds and ends

Thanks Christine and Valerie, for your comments on the beaded weaving. I'm still not sure where I'm headed with it, but there will be pictures when I get there!

Another jail rant: I got my first phone bill since A started calling me from jail ("Hello Dad? I'm in jail now! Say hi to Mom, from JAIL!" --Was, Not Was). A could only call collect, there were no other options. Two calls, 25 minutes total, cost $32.00, including the $2.49 per call to put them on my bill. I don't have any problem with A calling me, I do, however, have huge issues with her not having any choice but to call collect. Luckily the mail service was reasonably fast, so I could get information to her about treatment options, but she was very limited in how she could contact the centers since she couldn't call them. Plus, there's not a lot I hate more than a monopoly; when a phone company has a monopoly on collect calls, they get to charge you $2.49 to put their charges on your bill. That chaffs my hide.

In other news: I have officially spent money on beads to do something other than knitting or weaving. I have an illness. The Crafty Syndrome. Or something.

I am taking text week off. Nope. I'm not going anywhere, I'm staying home and putzing. Putzing will certainly include planting the garden, maybe weeding, possibly cleaning, some cooking, most certainly knitting, reading, playing with beads and weaving. I seriously doubt it will include posting, so have a good week!

Yellow and Purple Iris 2

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Christine said...

Sorry about all of that jail business. My brother spent some time locked up in county jail -- he was so lucky. He was supposed to go to state prison but due to overcrowding got lucky and stayed local. He's been walking the line ever since then (late-80s), he sure was scared straight that's for sure.