Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Despite being cute as the dickens, Judy has a couple of major flaws. One* of them is that she has been a terrible influence on Simon and Gwen. If I left yarn out on a table, they might have found it irresistible, but mostly they left my bags (and bags, etc.) of knitting alone. Not Judy. Judy gets into everything, and drags Simon and Gwen into the fun. Now that all yarn has been put away, they have started in on the sad, lonely warp which has been sitting on my loom for months, waiting to be threaded and wound on.
Messy and very tempting.

Worse than not being threaded at all, this warp has been sleyed and partially threaded for months. I couldn't even stick it in a closet to avoid the guilt.
I spent most of Saturday finishing the threading, and winding the warp onto the loom.

This should be a little more difficult for the cats to destroy, but I won't put it past them. If I don't go into some sort of cleaning frenzy this weekend (ha!), I should get this tied onto the front and discover where all of the threading errors are. At which time, I will be pounding my head and gnashing my teeth.
My little bundle of nerouses, Gwen, supervised. I need to vacuum the bed again.

* Judy's other big flaw is that she doesn't like us that much. There is nothing quite so disheartening as approaching a kitten you've had for 8 months and her shrinking from your touch. Seriously. You'd think we abuse her, but she won't let us that close. She loves Gwen and Simon, though. So that's something.

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