Friday, July 21, 2006

T-Shirt Woes

Despite not carpooling with Len, I have been working on the v-neck t-shirt. Make that, I have been trying to work on it, but instead I've been knitting and ripping the same 5 rows. I finally got to the point that I could divide for the v-neck and start adding stitches for the sleeve. The instructions for these maneuvers aren't exactly difficult, but my brain seems to have fallen out.

My first problem was deciding whether or not I was actually ready to start the neck and sleeves. This involved a tape measure, three different measurements, a lot of sweat, some tears, possibly swearing, and a very frightened boyfriend (he finally left the house). I finally decided that the pieces match closely enough.

The first instruction is to increase in the first stitch*, knit 80, turn. For some reason I think this means I should have 81 stitches on my right needle. I continue with this for a few rows. I finally realized something was wrong, counted the stitches which will make up the other side of the v-neck, and of course, there aren't enough. There aren't enough by 5 or 6 stitches. It took me a couple of times ripping these rows out for it to dawn on me what was going on.

I had made a working copy of the pattern; it is possible I had noted on that pattern which size I was making (or not) but I've lost the copy. I was assuming I was making the largest size. Looking at the pattern measurements, I certainly should have been making that size, but no, I am making one size smaller. Maybe I measured under my boobs when I started this folly? Perhaps delusions of smallness? In any case, someone is getting a v-neck t-shirt for Christmas and it probably isn't me.

Instead of a picture of knitting, I give you my first harvest of the year:
I had no idea that the pickling cucumbers would put out so early. It will be a frenzy of pickling at our house for the rest of the summer.

*An odd instruction for a Jaeger pattern. They usually give more thought to seaming.

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