Thursday, July 13, 2006

Crummy Pictures of Pretty Garden

I want a decent camera for my birthday. But at least you can't see the weeds. Much.
The leeks, pickles and peppers are doing very well, in spite of my inattentive weeding.
The tomatoes have gone so wild, you can't see the grass growing up underneath the plants. You can, however, see our pathetic attempt to tie the plants up. We'll see if this works, the tomato cages I used last year so did not.
Despite our not-really-best efforts, something keeps eating our broccoli and sugar snap pea plants. So far we have tried fencing in the garden (with a lovely gate held closed by a bucket of rocks and beer cans), but whatever is getting in is small enough to get through. I've also tried black pepper. The creature seems to like it's vegetables spicy. The two or three bean plants that came up look nice though. So that's something.
Look! Jalapenos! (And yes, I do know there should be an accent over the 'n')
And a red bell pepper. How cool is it that you can stick a plant in the ground and a few months later get food?

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